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Oxygen Diva Electric Bike

Oxygen Emate City 37V 15.5Ah - the real beast

The real beast is here, king of the range Oxygen Emate City fitted with a massive 37V 15.5Ah is capable of range of up to 70 miles. It's a probably the best commuting and touring bike available on the market. Fitted with twin Bengal disc brakes, full led lighting and solid Massload carrier makes it a serious electric bike. All offered at the very competitive price of £1499. Find out more about Oxygen Emate City electric bike


Fnd our more about new A2B Metro  

Oxygen Diva Electric Bike

Oxygen Diva Electric Bike now in store

Here is the one, the new Oxygen Diva electric bike that we have been waiting for so long. Diva is the first purposly designed electric bike for woman. It has only 17'' stylish and lightweight alloy frame, great quality components with full led lighting system, rear rack and full mudguards. Available in white from only £1299. Now available with both 11Ah and 15.5Ah batteries. Find out more about Oxygen Diva electric bike


Fnd our more about new A2B Metro  

OXYDrive kit

OXYDrive electric bike kit available now from £829.00

Probably the best conversion kit available on the market. Comes with the unique water bottle style battery with integrated controller, LCD panel with 5 levels of pedal assist, thumb throttle and good size 37V 9Ah Lithium Polymer battery allowing for range up to 35 miles. Find out more about latest electric bike kit

Oxygen Emate Sci  


SRAM introduced electric bike conversion kit

There has been a lot more going on in the world of electric bike conversion kits as Sram, the second largest bicycle components maker decided to follow the trend and introduced the new electric bike drive system which will be an addition to their bicycle parts potfolio. Click at the link to read the full article about this new sram electric bike conversion kit

Sram electric bike kit image Powered by Sram 

OXYDrive electric bike kit - driving the future forward

OXYDrive™ electric bike kit it’s the latest product from the Oxygen. After the successful European premiere at the Euro-Bike Show and then UK launch at the Cycle Show in Birmingham the kit finally went into the production. During it’s Easter European premiere it has been awarded with the most innovative product during Kielce Bike Show. Currently it has been named by members of pedelecs.co.uk forum as the best looking conversion kit.

Read the full overview about OXYDrive™ electric bike conversion kit here


Oxygen e-bike kit

Bosch Electric Bike Drive System. Future of e-bikes???

Bosch electric bike drive system came up to the market unexpectedly. It has been launched at the Euro Bike show in September 2010 where not only Bosch itself launched their product but already couple of major bike manufacturers introduced their first ebikes. In the first row the cult bicycle brands such as Cannondale and Scott showed their first ebikes. What’s more important both powered by the Bosch electric drive system.

Bosch e-bike drive offers a complete solution for bicycles. It provides the motor, battery, control unit which is built in the motor and the sophisticated control panel on the handlebar. Read the full artile about Bosh E-bike 

Bosch E-bike motor 

About us and our battery powered electric bikes

We are the London based company. We stock all the major ebikes brands including Oxygen Bicycles, Powabyke and Powacycle. Our mission is to promote the new range of ebikes powered by electric motor and lithium batteries therefore being an alternative form of transport to rising fuel costs and public transport fares. London as one of the largest cities in the world needs an alternative transport in form of battery powered bikes. They are the solution which would help commuters to get to get from A to B quickly, at low cost, and without creating a negative impact on the environment. We believe that electric bicycles can solve many transport problems.

Latest electric bike news:

New season - new electric bike

The new electric bike season is now and why not to to get on your electric bike more frequently? Last days have shown how hot it is and certainly riding an ordinary bike is not the best option, just sweat and heat hitting in my face. For all those who already own an electric bike I would like to recommend to have a look at our new electric bike range. This season has been very buy with new bikes coming up in our electric bike range. The new Oxygen Emate electric bike range has proven to be a great seller and the superb performer with range of up to 60 miles. What is most interesting is that this quality machine retails at only £1499. It's certainly the best electric bike at the best price. Those who are interested in our new electric bikes we would like to encourage to read our electric bike buyer's guide.

Look at Oxygen Electric Bikes 2013

It has been a long wait since we had the Oxygen Bikes last time. The new range for 2013 is available now and it turns out to be very popular. There have been loads of great improvements from the last year models. The most promising novelty is the new bigger battery 37V 15.5Ah available on the new Oxygen Emate City . Find out more about new Oxygen Electric Bikes

Look at the new Oxygen Emate Race - electric bike overview

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