What to Consider When Buying an Electric Bike

  • maria 

There are undoubtedly a wide variety of e-bikes on the market today, especially when it comes down to the performance. Thus, when buying an e-bike, there are several steps to follow and many mistakes possible to be made; the first step to make is to gather all the basic terminology necessary to understand their underlying principles; the size of the electric bicycle motor, battery and frame design and cyclist weight, among others.

Then, cyclists should:

1. Consider their needs

Electric bicycles are designed for different people and varying purposes. It’s up to you to decide which features are most important. If comfort is critical, then a step-through frame may be best. If hill climbing is crucial, a central motor system or high torque hub motor may be best.

2. Test drive several e-bikes

By the end of the test ride, the cyclist should be able to immediately say if he/she is in love with the bike. Putting aside the fact sheets, it is essential to realise that an e-bike is an investment which is going to stay for a while. It is a fun step, with a strong emotional connotation.

3. Quality over price

This works for electric bikes, as well as for everything else in life. Although cheaper than cars, it is still not cheap to produce a great electric bike which is simultaneously reliable and has quality elements. The quality of the electric bicycle itself is paramount, and of utmost importance, if the plan is to ride it every day.

4. Watch out for the warranty

Like buying a car, purchasing an electric bike is a significant investment. With the proper guarantee, the investment is assured. It is a common practice for many manufacturers to offer two-year warranties on parts such as the motor and battery.

5. Compare components

Compare batteries, motors and power. They must be in line with the intended need and, of course, budget.

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