Must-Have Accessories for Electric Bikes

Sales for electric bikes have been on the rise ever since the pandemic hit. This has been further enhanced by cities creating the necessary infrastructure for riders. However, just like any means of transport, you need to have certain accessories to guarantee your safety and other people’s safety on the road. I compiled a list of some useful accessories.

A Helmet That Signals

If you have a helmet, you must be wondering why you should even read this section. Before you skip this section, remember that the helmet I will be discussing is not any regular helmet. As a cyclist myself, I know that some drivers understand hand signals, but most don’t.

Therefore, I have to stop riding and check my rear, then make the turn. Thanks to the Lumos Matrix helmet, I no longer have to make hand gestures to indicate that I need to make a turn. Using the remote on the handlebar, I just signal, and the help lights up LEDs that show that I want to make a turn. The LEDs are also bright enough even during the day.

Rear View Mirrors

As a cyclist, I know the constant struggle to keep looking over my shoulder during heavy traffic. However, I also can’t risk looking back for far too long lest I bump into the car in front of me. So, I decided to get some cheap rear mirrors, and they help me get a glimpse of the rearview without losing sight of the road ahead.


This may sound like a no brainer until the day you find yourself cycling at night in pitch-black darkness. If your bike does not come with pre-installed lights, then you might want to get some. If it doesn’t, do not worry because many bicycle shops can easily integrate lights into your e-bike.

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