Electric Bikes and Sport

  • maria 

When it comes to the health impact electric bikes have, there are three big myths darkening their reputation. They need further clarification:

#1 – You will not get in good shape if you use an e-bike

It is well proved they can get anyone back in shape. By keeping up a constant pace, it is possible to ride them more frequently and for longer distances, without getting physically destroyed too quickly.

#2 – E-bikes are for lazy people

Electric bikes are conceived to serve everybody’s needs, from athletes to older bike enthusiasts. Electric bikes help people to be and stay active, ride longer, and commute using their body’s motion; all beneficial to every age range. Electric bikes provide the motivation and general satisfaction levels, required to live a fulfilled life.

#3 – If you have an e-bike, you should get rid of your car

It sounds, and it is extremist. As discussed previously, more than 50 per cent of daily car trips are replaceable by e-bike because the distances are small. What makes sense, is to replace the car by the e-bike where and when necessary, saving time and get fitter simultaneously!

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