Electric Bike Maintenance

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Similarly to cars and conventional bicycles, electric bikes require regular maintenance and checkups on their specific components. They are a good and effective mean of transportation, but failing to meet the maintenance requirements will turn out to be very costly.

Keep it nice and shiny…and oiled

Cleaning the bike not only serves aesthetics reasons, but it helps to keep the chain and motor free from dirt. It is advisable to clean an e-bike every two weeks, depending on the usage.

Oiling the e-bike chain will prevent the squeaky noise and increase its lifetime.

Tyre pressure

A parameter often ignored and which can lower down the motor yield. Like as in cars, soft tyres will increase the friction forces and the “drag feeling”, which will greatly affect the performance of the e-bike.

The battery

Batteries can live four to five years, depending on multiple factors, such as the way they charge (in accordance or not with the manufacturer’s instruction) and storage conditions.

Can it be left out in the rain?

While riding an e-bike in the rain is not a problem, poor parking/storage conditions will do more harm than good. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to shield it, or at least the battery, from rain and snow, as well as extreme temperatures.

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