Electric Bike Commuters

  • maria 

Why would you want to commute on an electric bike?

Because electric bikes are the best way of personal transport at all times.

For all the reasons mentioned above, cars are great, but e-bikes are simply better; electric bikes are clean, green, rechargeable, with no significant traffic jams and no one gets sweaty on the way to work (as opposed to their relatives, the conventional bikes). As a result, with an e-bike, all cyclists get fitter, spend less (in gas or on public transport), save the planet, and are happier!

Indeed, depending on the routes to work, one will have to determine which type of bike is the best choice. But with so many design models on the market, it is impossible not to find a suitable one, whether it is an electric hybrid bike or a heavier electric tricycle or electric cargo bike. If the route to work is smooth and paved, then a lightweight hybrid city e-bike will probably be the best option; if the route includes muddy paths or unpaved roads, maybe the choice is a simple hardtail e-mountain bike, with wider tyres and better suspension. Needless to say, whatever the case, e-bikes equipped with mudguards, lights and a lock, are the preferred ones.

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